I recently joined Erik Torenberg on the Venture Stories podcast. We had a very wide-ranging conversation including:

  • Why productivity is not an end in and of itself
  • Why content creation (not just consumption) is integral to your career
  • How to better deal with the 11 hours of media a day that the average person consumes
  • Why the “average human life is now too complex to be managed by the average human brain”
  • Why hyperfocus and intense productivity are symptoms of trauma, and how to deal with that trauma
  • The theory of constraints and why it’s so powerful
  • Religion and meaning-making for the secular world
  • The future of libraries and why Tiago calls them “digital nomad embassies

Check out the episode on the official podcast website, or listen to our conversation below:

Listen to “Building a Second Brain, Productivity, and Trauma with Tiago Forte” on Spreaker.

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