Welcome to Praxis! Praxis is a members-only blog on the future of productivity, written and curated by Tiago Forte of Forte Labs.  We also offer an online course, Building a Second Brain.

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Are you familiar with Getting Things Done (GTD), and want to take your productivity to the next level?
Start with our One-Touch to Inbox Zero post, which gives you a practical step-by-step tutorial for getting to Inbox Zero and staying there. Praxis members can go on to read our reviews series (members-only), which walks you through doing weekly, monthly, and annual reviews.
Do you work as a freelancer, entrepreneur, sole proprietor, or other kind of knowledge worker?
The Full-Stack Freelancer series introduces you to a new paradigm for work that relies on building multiple income streams, applying diverse skills to a variety of projects, and creating network effects that benefit all of your endeavors. You might also enjoy From Multitasking to Multiplexing: 5 Steps to Building a Personal Productivity Network, which dives deeper into the theory and practice of network effects in productivity.
Do you take a lot of notes, and want to get more use out of them?
Learn about Progressive Summarization (PS), a technique for formatting and structuring notes so that they are easily discoverable and usable in the future. This ensures that what you’re saving today adds value to your future projects, even when you can’t predict or imagine what those projects might be.
Do you want to learn how to organize your files digitally?
Systems for organizing physical clutter have become extremely popular, but there are few widely accepted or standardized approaches to organizing our digital files. Digital hoarding can create drag on our productivity, effectiveness, and sanity. The P.A.R.A. series introduces a universal system for organizing digital information. As Building a Second Brain graduate Doug von Kohorn said, once you adopt PARA, you’ll never want to go back – “…this way lies not just productivity, but happiness and ease of mind.”
Do you want to learn a new paradigm for managing and executing on projects?
The Just-In-Time Project Management series introduces a digital-first framework for modern projects and project management. You’ll learn the theory behind a new paradigm for modern work, as well as concrete ways to apply that paradigm so that you can complete more projects more rapidly and more effectively.
Want to get a sense of what Praxis is all about?
Read the Praxis manifesto, A Manifesto of Human-Centered Work, which lays out my beliefs in regards to the future of work, and links to full articles expanding on various points. It’s a good way to read the back catalogue by theme, instead of chronologically. (For those of you who like a chronological view, see our handy Timeline.)

After that, you can browse all our free posts, or use the Explore page to browse Praxis by series, topics, or post types.

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