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A note from Tiago

My mission with Forte Labs and the Praxis blog is to radically improve the effectiveness of human beings while making their work a vehicle for personal fulfillment. I believe that work can be a profound source of creativity and pleasure, while at the same time enabling people to make a positive impact on society and the planet.

In pursuit of that mission, I write, speak, teach, and create products and services focused on helping people improve their productivity and personal effectiveness. I seek to introduce my followers and customers to paradigm-shifting new ideas about new ways of working. And to help them apply those ideas to add creativity and leverage to their workdays, build systems and habits for accomplishing more with less, and make their work a means of living a more fulfilling, more enjoyable, and more expansive life. I truly believe that if more people were able to turn their ideas into tangible outcomes in the real world, it could completely change the world we live in.

While the Internet has dramatically changed how modern work is executed, our mindset has failed to adapt. We were educated in institutions from the Industrial Era that taught us that information is finite, static, and scarce. But now we live and work in a world where information is infinite, dynamic, and abundant. Information is the fundamental building block of the world today, and our relationship to it determines everything from our quality of life, to the impact we’re able to make on the causes we care about.

My approach is “principles, not prescriptions.” Instead of doling out a stale list of productivity “tips and tricks” that ignore each person’s unique situation, I teach principles that anyone can adapt for themselves. I study diverse fields – including design thinking, behavioral science, user experience design, information science, and active learning – to identify both the latest research and the timeless principles that underpin human performance. 

My goal is to synthesize everything I learn into practical methods that allow people to harness the power of technology. Now that technology is central to every company in every industry, we need new ways of managing our attention and focusing it where it matters most, instead of reacting to every interruption. Instead of being a constant source of distraction, I believe we can transform technology into a dependable source of learning, growth, and self-fulfillment.

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