The following is a collection of customer reviews, interviews, online articles, case studies, and other third-party sources related to my online course on Personal Knowledge Management, Building a Second Brain.

We’ll update it periodically with new links.


Interview on the This Is Product Management podcast

Interview with Nasos Papadopoulos on the Metalearn podcast.

Interview with Lisa Betts-Lacroix on the Super Power U podcast (38m)

Tiago Forte on Building a Second Brain, with Srini Rao on The Unmistakable Creative podcast

Want to Shed a Bad Habit? Know Yourself Better (interview with Tiago Forte on Evernote Live)

Rewriting the Rules of Productivity and Knowledge Management in a World of Abundant Information, with Khe Hy on the Radreads podcast

Resource and Knowledge Management with Tiago Forte, with Zachary Sexton on Able Business Radio

Tiago Forte: Designing a Better Life, with David Perell on the North Star podcast

Blog posts/articles

An Introduction of Tiago Forte, His Ideas, and Some Comments on Their Relations to Zettelkasten, post on the Zettelkasten forum

Turn Your Notes App Into a Personal Knowledge Base, by Doug Toft

Rethinking Productivity: Five Big Ideas From Tiago Forte, by Doug Toft

A Don’t-Miss Boot Camp for Savvy Executives & Knowledge Workers, by Chuck Frey of the Mind Mapping Software Blog

A Mental Model to Leverage Information Overload as Creative Fuel for Problem Solving, by Mohammed Ali Vakil

Review of Building a Second Brain v2 by KimSia Sim

Case studies

Second Brain Case Study: Researching and writing a 10,000-word academic article, by CW Daniels

Second Brain Case Study: A $2000 PKM Victory — The Everyday, Practical Utility of Personal Knowledge Management, by Ben Mosior

Building a Second Brain in Emacs and Org-Mode by Michael Fogleman

Second Brain Case Study: Teaching Progressive Summarization in an Undergraduate Classroom by CW Daniels

Second Brain Case Study: Progressive Summarization in the Intelligence Community


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