I recently had the opportunity to interview Timothy Kenny, the #1 productivity instructor and creator of 79 courses on the online course marketplace Udemy. He is also the author of Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs and a speaker and coach.

You can find out more about Timothy on his website, including an overview of how his courses fit together.

In this 62-minute conversation we talk about:

  • His background and experience creating productivity courses
  • The problem with speed-reading and “accelerated learning”
  • Timothy’s path from live teaching to online courses
  • Why annotation is the bottleneck to information consumption, not reading speed
  • Visual mnemonics, memory palaces, and creating your own visual language
  • The business model for courses on Udemy (an online course marketplace with 30 million users)
  • How he uses courses as milestones and funding mechanisms for his personal learning process
  • Screenshare of his master planning organizational system in Google Drive
  • How he uses a “personal Dewey Decimal System” to organize his entire life and more than 2,000 active learning projects
  • His model of education as Intellectual Property Accumulation
  • The difference between life-long learning vs. cramming for a test
  • How to use planning to maximize motivation, time spent in flow, and what you’re interested in
  • Using templates to manage and optimize your calendar
  • Overview of his PAMeLa master planning system

Timothy has generously offered discounts for the two courses he believes would be the best fit for Forte Labs followers: on his Mastering Planning and Ultimate Accelerated Learning System courses.

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