On Tuesday 2/12 at 8:30am Pacific time, Forte Labs Head Coach Corey Padnos and I will be hosting an info session on the upcoming cohort of group coaching starting 2/19. We will answer any questions and show you what we have planned to make 2019 a transformative year. Click here to register.

At the beginning of 2018, we launched the Forte Labs Coaching Program, a different kind of 1-on-1 coaching service focused on fundamental behavior change. I introduced you to Corey Padnos, who has many years of experience in different coaching modalities and is the only person trained and authorized to deliver coaching based on my methods.

Mid-year we redesigned the program to take into account everything we had learned, and launched version 2.0 focused on completing tangible projects. We introduced a new holistic model, the Digital Productivity Pyramid, showing how a series of technology-leveraged skills build on each other to form a complete framework for personal effectiveness in the digital age.

Over the course of 2018 Corey worked with over 100 people, individually and in teams, on implementing the ideas and methods found on the Praxis blog and in Forte Labs courses. We have seen spectacular results from a wide array of people as they have revolutionized their productivity, learning, and effectiveness. From studio executives to small businesses to lawyers to elite athletes to entrepreneurs, we believe we’ve unlocked the secrets of productivity coaching for high performers.

My strength is producing content and pushing forward the frontier of new thinking on personal productivity. Corey excels at listening for people’s real needs and helping them adapt new methods to their personal situation. By dividing our responsibilities and focusing on what each of us does best, we’ve created a coaching format that uses our existing content as a foundation, so we don’t have to start from scratch with each client.

Corey now has more experience helping people implement my methods than I do, and to manage demand we’ve had to raise his hourly pricing to more than $1,000 per hour. As rewarding as that has been, our ultimate goal is to democratize access to the tools of high performance. We’ve both invested years of our lives and thousands of dollars in coaching, and we believe that it is a game changer for anyone seeking to truly level up their performance in a short timeframe, in a way that consuming content simply can’t achieve.

With that goal in mind, we’re taking everything we’ve learned from the past year and launching version 3.0 of our coaching program, introducing group coaching for the first time. We believe that we can scale our model to small groups of dedicated participants, providing the structure and accountability to launch you toward your goals this year, while keeping the price accessible.

The first cohort will begin February 12, and work together via 7 group calls over approximately 4 months, ending June 18. A group call every three weeks is often enough to maintain momentum and progress, but not so often that it becomes a burden or distraction. We will only be accepting a maximum of 20 participants in this cohort by application only.

The program includes:

  • A 90-minute group call every 3 weeks (for a total of 7)
  • A 60-minute 1-on-1 call with Corey, to identify your goals and strategy
  • Short check-ins via text message with Corey
  • Recordings of group and individual calls
  • Access to a private Slack channel for coaching clients only
  • Free access to The Mid-Year Review, a follow-up to The Annual Review course that guides you in revisiting and redirecting your goals mid-year (to take place summer 2019)

What we’ve learned

Here is Corey’s summary of what he has learned over the past year:

People want to be creative. We have reduced our days mainly to a task list. If we get the task list done, then we are going to be happy. But we need creativity not just for our side projects or the arts, but to enjoy our lives, our work, and our family. We worked with many different kinds of professionals last year (lawyers, real estate brokers, writers, executives, solopreneurs, side-project creators) and we discovered that the people who got the most value from the coaching were people who valued creative output.

The reason you’re not accomplishing your goals is because you don’t have a system. I’m pretty sure I heard some version of, “I’ve tried a weekly review and it didn’t work” with at least 5 clients last year. Across the board, it took modifying the system or implementing it until it became a habit. Honestly, not reaching your goals has nothing to do with being a procrastinator, disorganized, busy, or stressed. It does however have to do with not having a system that works for you.  

The biggest obstacle to being creative is disorganization. Imagine this: you’re sitting there, ready to write something. A story, an email, a note, and then you get a call. You say to yourself, “Shoot, that wasn’t in my [calendar, task list, anything you use to manage your life].” You take the call, and then you get back to writing, but you can’t move forward because you got thrown off. Then there’s another interruption: that open tab, that half-written document, etc. How do you organize your notes? Your tasks? Your calendar? Your files? These are the questions we address in this program.

Our new focus

  1. Create your goals – you tell us what you want to achieve
  2. Organize yourself – we use principles from Building a Second Brain to help you get there
  3. Execute – this is where you do the work

We’re going to dive deeply into how you are organized as a pathway to accomplishing your goals and freeing up your time. With effective tools and systems in place to help you manage your productivity, you’ll have everything you need to unleash your creativity.

Click here to apply, or email us at coaching@fortelabs.co with any questions, or to set up a free 30-minute evaluation call with Corey to find out if the program is the right fit for you.


Here are some testimonials from recent coaching clients (emphasis ours):

“It’s great to be able to look back and attach a signpost in my life: who I was before working with Corey, and who I am after working with him.  While working with Corey, I ended up uncovering blind spots that were keeping me from getting the most out of my daily work and productivity. He’s got this x-ray vision that allows him to identify limiting beliefs and unproductive habits. The benefits keep paying off for me in the form of more time and mental space. I get to just be without all the excessive baggage of worrying whether or not I’m working on the right thing.  If you’re serious about uncovering and acting on a breakthrough in your personal or professional life, then I highly recommend Corey Padnos.”

– Angel Gonzalez, CMO, Snappy Kraken

“This was a super valuable use of my time and money to be able to coach with you. It was a bit of a process, but my trust in GTD/BASB is up, I’ve come closer to accepting there is no Black and White solution to productivity, and that I’ll have to ultimately make the tools work for me. Your coaching style and personality are great. A good combination of directness and warmth that contributes to getting stuff done, and understanding that many of the underlying problems are emotionally driven, or have emotional blocks in order to implement practical tools…Remarkably integrated with Forte Labs, and the cohesion should only grow as time goes on. I love seeing the organic growth of the whole business, and the coaching arm of it.”

– Jeff Golde, Founder of Golde Consulting, Adjunct Professor of Management at Columbia Business School

“Corey Padnos is one of those people that initially seems just too good to be true- he isn’t. Corey’s program helped me overcome multiple organizational obstacles I had struggled with for years. Breaking through them improved my day-to-day dramatically. For example, PROPERLY using Evernote helped me combine 5 systems in to one which saved me immense time, boosted my income, improved my productivity, and, most importantly, let me relax knowing everything was properly organized. I can’t thank him enough.  I’m a business coach and I hired Corey to help me do what I couldn’t do for myself. Worth every penny.”

– Leo Manzione, Senior Business Consultant, Run Right Consulting

Program cost

The total cost is $1,000 USD, paid in two installments of $500 at the beginning and halfway mark.

We chose this price to make coaching as accessible as possible, while maintaining high expectations of what you will accomplish by participating. Coaching is not for everyone. It is for people who have already experienced success in their career or business, and who are seeking to partner with a highly trained coach to take that success to a new level.

In that spirit, we will not be offering refunds. This is an all-in decision, and you should only apply if you can be 100% committed from day one. While we will remain open to feedback and suggestions, you shouldn’t apply unless you trust us to deliver an experience that gives you a ten-fold return on your investment.

Click here to apply, or email us at coaching@fortelabs.co with any questions, or to set up a free 30-minute evaluation call with Corey to find out if the program is the right fit for you.


Here is the schedule for the 4-month term:

  • February 12, 8:30-10am Pacific time
  • March 5, 8:30-10am Pacific time
  • March 26, 8:30-10am Pacific time
  • April 16, 8:30-10am Pacific time
  • May 7, 8:30-10am Pacific time
  • May 28, 8:30-10am Pacific time
  • June 18, 8:30-10am Pacific time

Please ensure that you can make all of these call times. Although every call will be recorded and made available soon afterward, we don’t recommend applying if you will have to miss more than one, as the main benefit of the program is live interaction.


What will happen on the group calls?

We can’t say exactly, because it depends on the people in the group, the goals they are pursuing, and what is needed in the moment. The power of coaching is that Corey can work with one person on their specific challenges, while also listening for what the group needs to hear to move forward.

How much time will this program require of me?

Besides the seven 90-minute group calls, and your 60-minute 1-on-1 call with Corey, this depends completely on the goals and outcomes you commit to. We’ll give you guidance on how to do this, but ultimately it’s up to you how big of a mountain you want to climb.

How will I interact with the group?

You’ll be invited to a private Slack channel for coaching clients only, where you’ll be able to check in on your progress, get your questions answered, and share victories.

Click here to apply, or email us at coaching@fortelabs.co with any questions, or to set up a free 30-minute evaluation call with Corey to find out if the program is the right fit for you.

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